This, dear visitor is my OLD website, from when I was a freelancer.


If you want to learn about my capabilities and availability now, you’ll have to visit the website for my new digital marketing agency, Diamond + Branch Marketing Group.


Diamond + Branch does all of the things that I used to do, but we do more of it and better. Go check it out.


Hello! I’m Lindsay LaShell and I help my clients make the most of their digital marketing efforts with informed strategy, data analysis and content optimized for search engines and users.

Why these things? After years of experience in both startups and agencies, I firmly believe that all the beautiful design and great ad placement in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a solid strategy directing the entire effort.


Strategy: Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

Do you need an iPhone app? What about Instagram? Every business should be using the internet to accomplish their goals, but not everyone should be using it in the same way. When I provide digital strategy for my clients, I help them identify opportunities to reach their desired audiences then prioritize those opportunities to maximize return on investment.

There are so many digital marketing channels (social media, email, blogging, inbound, outbound, influencer…) and my broad experience means I can help my clients focus on the channels that make the most sense for their business.


Data Analysis: Measure and Refine

One of my favorite things about the internet is that your users will tell you exactly what they want, if you know how to listen. I help my clients translate business goals to measurable website performance metrics, then collect and analyze that data. This process, over time, reveals actionable insights that can increase desired outcomes and marketing efficiency.


Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it, if the search engines can’t find you, it’s likely that your audience can’t find you either. The good news is that SEO has come a long way and what’s best for the user is also what’s best for the search engine. I can help make sure that all of your content hits the mark, regardless of where you publish it.


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