It’s Not Chocolate!!

Friends! We’re in trouble! They’re trying to take the chocolate out of chocolate!! From slashdot: “The US Food and Drug Administration is considering redefining ‘chocolate’ to allow substitution of vegetable oil ($0.70/lb.) for cocoa butter ($2.30/lb.), and whey protein for dry whole milk. There are already standard terms to differentiate these products from chocolate, such as ‘chocolatey’ and ‘chocolate-flavored.’ The change was requested by the industry group Chocolate Manufacturers of.. Read More

Learn to Knit!

I love teaching people how to knit. I love knitting myself–besides writing, it’s one of the few creative things that I do, so I love empowering others to create as well. I find that quite often, when I have the opportunity to teach knitting, I am overwhelmed with the task of instructing people on what materials to be prepared with. My hope is that from now until forever, I’ll be.. Read More

Guest Blogging

Everyone should read Bronwyn’s blog. She’s out there trying to make the world a better place by educating the poorest kids in Oakland. Especially today, everyone should read Bronwyn’s blog because I’m the guest blogger. Dear Bronwyn’s Readers

Ah, the peaceful South

I’m not a complainer. If you didn’t already know, I just want to be clear. I’m really not a complainer. Generally I’m an easy going, don’t sweat the small stuff, water off a duck’s back kind of girl. But South Carolina is so loud, I can hardly believe it. It must be complained about. Train. Lish’s house (adorable–really, really SO cute it makes me want to spend the day at.. Read More

My Reality

So the funny thing about this post is that I have something to say, but I can’t actually tell you anything. I have found, over the past several months, that the frequency with which I indulge in dot-com entrepreneurial fantasies has skyrocketed. On the one hand, I’m proud. A year ago, I would have been smart enough to understand what the suggested businesses are, but not knowledgeable enough to contribute.. Read More

My Left Hand is Warm

I will blog more often. I will. Hooray, I have made a mitten! Mary counseled me through some of the more tricky decreases, but I pretty much made up the pattern all by my own self. This is a big deal, mostly because I have been completely terrified of things that require so much shape in order to be effective. Much better to stick with the safety of the squares.. Read More

After the rain

I swear, I wish I had more control over my own brain. Right this second I am in a coffee shop, trying not to work, and wishing that I could decide what stays in and what gets kicked out. It seems that beyond my control is the persistance of lyrics to Nelson’s great After the Rain ballad. If you could sing every word along with them, you’d be outraged too… Read More

At the bottom of the mountain

I have not had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Colorado. While I loved high school church camp up there in Rocky Mountain National Park, I think experiences like that could have been just as good nearly anywhere in the nation (except Texas).This past week, I got to spend a couple days in Boulder, and then a few more in Denver. I didn’t meet lots of people,.. Read More

Real Beauty

Those of you who participated in my life as I transitioned from San Diego to Berkeley oh so many years ago, or as I transitioned more recently back to San Diego know that the wearing of makeup, bikinis, and other so-cal kinds of things is something that I don’t take lightly. This is relevant for two reasons. First, everyone EVERYONE EVERYONE should watch this video. Especially girls between the ages.. Read More