Rugged and Romantic Indeed

Last weekend, my Paul and I went to Glendalough, Ireland to meet up with my girl Lauren and her husband Dave.  The Lonely Planet describes Wicklow National Park in Glendalough as “rugged and romantic.” Paul says, “Just like me!” Before I get to the good stuff, can I just say that I’m thinking about instituting my own private boycott of airplanes, airports and all that flying nonsense.  Paul and I.. Read More

Things you probably take for granted

First, a quick list based on the mundane, just in case you thought because they speak the same language over here (ha. that’s for another post), everything else is the same, too.  The funny thing is, when you’re traveling, you take for granted that these things are different.  It’s not really weird until they become part of your real life. So, things that you probably take for granted: Knowing which.. Read More

Woolfest 2009

I really did. Last Saturday, I went to a wool festival. Not only that, it was in a place called Cockermouth. If you are native to this island, that’s pronounced “cock-a-muth.” Tee hee. That’s in the lake district in the waaaay north of England. Apparently there are also two excellent and revered beer outlets there, but I didn’t make it there, and I think that Paul was a bit pleased.. Read More

Nuts and bolts

How am I? What’s going on? Well, since you asked, I’ll spill. I’m pretty sure this is the boring stuff, so feel free to skip it. Thing one: Who I live with. I have a fantastic flatmate.  She is very kind, funny, smart, interesting, and thoughtful. When she comes home at night, she almost always brings sweet snackies to share. She is almost never home because she spends a lot.. Read More

We keep calling this real life

And I suppose, in a lot of ways, it is. Things that make this real life: Today, I bought a trash can for my bedroom.  I went to the post office.  I bought ingredients for dinner. I worked a full day. Of course, if it felt like real life, we probably wouldn’t have to keep saying it out loud. Things that make this not feel like real life: Today, I.. Read More

What the hell am I doing here?

If my internal monologue has had a theme over the last two days, it has been “What the hell am I doing?” We got to Edinburgh about 2pm on Saturday, after a lovely beer-soaked evening in Lancaster with Craig, his Katie, and Rob. As we were driving in, it occurred to me that although I did make a hotel reservation for that evening, I wasn’t actually sure how to get.. Read More

How did I get here, literally?

It seems like it would be such a simple thing: You get in a big metal cylinder in one place, then get out of it in another. That only covers the first 15% of my travel story, actually. To be fair, if my travel plans had happened the way they were supposed to, they still would have been ridiculous.  I was supposed to fly from SAN to JFK on a.. Read More

Advice for people who enjoy stories of romance and adventure

Stay tuned.  I’ve been in the UK for five days and I’ve already got some romance and a healthy bit of adventure. Ways you can do that: Subscribe to this blog via email. Subscribe to this blog via RSS. Add lindsaydayton as a contact on Skype. Call or text me at my local, pay-as-you-go, free-incoming calls and texts number: 001-44-7554-573787

Advice for San Diego Bloggers

Go to Modus tonight. If you need reasons, here are some good ones: Drinks are courtesy of Integral Impressions from 7:30-8:30. Happy hour prices apply to San Diego bloggers until 1:30am. There will be a little bit of free food. The food you have to pay for is pretty darn good. The conversation is free, and also pretty darn good.