The Old

Been spending a lot of time on Ravelry lately. Got my pattern shop set up, my designer profile, etc. I’ve also been going back and cleaning up/catching up on all of my old projects. Even with all that’s in there, I think it’s probably only about 60% of what I’ve done in my knitting career.

Some of my favorite things were knitted and gifted before any photos could be taken. Same is true for some of my least favorite. My task this evening is to clean up the ones that already exist on Ravelry. Make sure there are pictures, notes, and some assessment of the project.

It’s interesting spending an evening revisiting the material past. So many of these things never saw the light of day because I was making beginning knitter mistakes like bad yarn/pattern combo, or choosing things that were too difficult or not flattering. It actually feels great to see the arc of my learning in such a concrete way.

Here’s a good example of the wrong yarn/pattern combo. Looks nice from here but sadly, it was unwearable.


The New

On the other hand, finally getting my first patterns published has really given me a very serious case of startitis. Lots of things for me, lots of stashbusting, and lots of things I’ve wanted to make for a long time. Here’s a funny peek. That’s me frogging one thing in favor of something else. I’m a girl on a budget, after all, and I can’t have a scarf made out of perfectly good yarn laying around not being worn.


Yep, that’s me casting on for this¬†straight off of this. FO pictures of lots of fun things coming soon.

And yes, that’s an LDL original design sweater I’m wearing. Possibly next in the queue for publishing, but it needs some work yet.