Today, I’ve been polishing the resume and working on the cover letter accompanying email.

It’s nice to see my resume updated with accomplishments and experiences I’m proud of. It’s got me thinking about what I’m looking for in my next job, and what I have to offer my next employer.

What I want:

  • The work I do needs to be part of something that I think is important, and my contributions to the effort must be impactful.
  • The job I take needs to grow with me, offering ongoing opportunities to learn and apply new learnings.
  • In exchange for focusing my dedication, passion and skill on my new position, I want trust, flexibility and autonomy over things that do not effect the quality of my work.

What I have to offer:

  • I strive for efficiency in everything I do, so my thinking patterns are well-established. In marketing, online businesses, and certainly in startups, finding and remedying inefficiencies, and establishing new, highly efficient products and systems is something I will enjoy doing.
  • I am an experienced and skilled manager. I’ve done it in many different contexts, and my love of teaching, social communication, and challenge have led me to grow and excel as a manager of individuals and teams.
  • I love the internet and I am passionate about using my experiences and skills  to help new online businesses and initiatives succeed and grow.
  • I am a very quick and enthusiastic learner. This has led to many unique opportunities in many unique contexts, and I love the breadth of knowledge and experience that I have as a result.

Now that I look at that first list, I see that  all I have done is recreate every job satisfaction survey that has ever been conducted ever. I guess it’s something to say that I have thought about this, and I’ve learned I’m not that different from everyone else. Of course, that’s only what I want. What I have to offer, I think, sets me apart quite a bit.