The old and the new

The Old Been spending a lot of time on Ravelry lately. Got my pattern shop set up, my designer profile, etc. I’ve also been going back and cleaning up/catching up on all of my old projects. Even with all that’s in there, I think it’s probably only about 60% of what I’ve done in my knitting career. Some of my favorite things were knitted and gifted before any photos could.. Read More

I’m a published knitwear designer!

Okay, to be fair, I might be over selling it just a touch. It’s more accurate to say that I’ve self-published some knitting patterns and they are available for sale on Ravelry. Still, it’s a thing I’m very proud of. I’ve designed, knitted, tested, and edited these patterns so that they will be a high enough quality for me to feel justified in asking for money for them. Whether you.. Read More