Just hit publish

Despite the folds of light golden fabric wrapped around their legs and their strategically almost-shaved heads, they looked like a couple of frat guys on a dare. Drawn by the piercing rhythmic clang of the cymbals, I watched them approach the square. They wore collared button-downs, well-fitting jeans under their robes and wholesome smiles that turned sheepish upon realizing that in order to make the most of their energies, they.. Read More

Marketing and Messaging

I was very happy to be asked to present at the national Episcopal Communicators Conference here in San Diego this year. My talk was titled Marketing and Messaging: What you need to know in order to craft an efficient marketing strategy. It was designed to help people think more strategically about their marketing approach, with the goal of increasing both efficiency and success. View/download a .pdf of the talk, or send me an.. Read More

The old and the new

The Old Been spending a lot of time on Ravelry lately. Got my pattern shop set up, my designer profile, etc. I’ve also been going back and cleaning up/catching up on all of my old projects. Even with all that’s in there, I think it’s probably only about 60% of what I’ve done in my knitting career. Some of my favorite things were knitted and gifted before any photos could.. Read More

I’m a published knitwear designer!

Okay, to be fair, I might be over selling it just a touch. It’s more accurate to say that I’ve self-published some knitting patterns and they are available for sale on Ravelry. Still, it’s a thing I’m very proud of. I’ve designed, knitted, tested, and edited these patterns so that they will be a high enough quality for me to feel justified in asking for money for them. Whether you.. Read More

Tom Petty had it right

The waiting is the hardest part. For anyone who is also short of patience while we await the start of the next NFL season, I thought I’d take a few minutes to recommend some methadone. Book: A Few Seconds of Panic, by Stefan Fastis Part journal, part instructive, and part narrative. Fatsis describes his desire and efforts to pursue an NFL kicking career (beginning when he’s 42), his preseason training.. Read More

So much writing!

This post has exactly one purpose. If you read my blog in your RSS stream, then kindly go to the site for a visit. There’s tons of new things to read, and a really really pretty new theme that I really love. Feel free to send feedback–if you’re an RSS subscriber, you’re probably among my trusted. If you’re not, then you’re still welcome, but who are you? Go now.

It may not look like much

Today I am not blogging so much as just working on the blog. WordPress does make it easy for someone like me, except that I like to use keyboard shortcuts and I have some strong opinions about the way things are laid out, so it’s not really all that easy. In fact, if you’re reading this from anywhere other than lindsaydayton.com, do me a favor and stay where you are… Read More

What I’m Looking For

Today, I’ve been polishing the resume and working on the cover letter accompanying email. It’s nice to see my resume updated with accomplishments and experiences I’m proud of. It’s got me thinking about what I’m looking for in my next job, and what I have to offer my next employer. What I want: The work I do needs to be part of something that I think is important, and my.. Read More

In My Dreams

For as long as I can remember dreaming, I can remember knowing what my dreams were about. All it ever took was one retelling of the events (in my head or to someone else), and nearly all was revealed. I have said that my subconscious just isn’t that far below the surface, because I tend to keep very few secrets from myself. Last night in my dreams I got to.. Read More