A Promise to Myself

Hello again, world. At approximately 2pm on Thursday, May 24, my boss called me in to his office for what I thought was our standing weekly meeting. Instead, I was fired. Just a few details: I had never been a part of a “your job is in jeopardy if you don’t shape up” conversation. At my one year anniversary, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback, a raise, and a bonus. In.. Read More

Request for a Forward-Looking Memorial

This blog post is brought to you by Pat, who listened to the rant and asked me to write it down. If you don’t like it, go harass him on Twitter. So, I was in Berlin.  One of the things you do in Berlin is learn about World War 2, the Nazis, Hitler, the Holocaust and all the associated atrocities. Growing up when and where I did, I actually have.. Read More

Last weekend, I was a Berliner

Okay, three weekends ago now. Also, a warning for those afraid of wikipedia holes: This post is a wikipedia vortex. Enjoy. It was more than a weekend, actually, we were there for four days. And boy, did we do tourism. I mean it. We spent every morning (including the day we arrived) taking advantage of the hostel’s free and strong wifi signal and actually worked. Once that was done, though,.. Read More

Thing three about Norway

And now it comes to that time in my blogging where I get a little introspective and maybe just a touch self indulgent.  The third thing I need to blog about my trip to Norway is this creeping feeling I experienced that I really am Norwegian. Okay, obviously, my grandmother’s parents were born there, so my actual heritage is not in question. But while I was there, learning about the.. Read More

Thing two about Norway

Another, far less poetic post about my visit to Norway. This time: It’s not just bad PR. It really is fucking expensive. Forgive the profanity, but I was always taught that if you know how you use the language well, then you know when it is appropriate to use profanity, and let me tell you, it is appropriate. So, yeah, it’s pricey. To give some context, at the time that.. Read More

Thing one about Norway

For five days near the end of July I went to Norway. There are only three things I need to say about this trip, and here’s the first. It’s not just clever marketing. It really is breathtaking. The biggest reason that I chose to go to Norway was to see the fjords. I got my first taste of fjords in Alaska a few summers ago, and that experience did nothing.. Read More

We are family

Cory and Jaime came up to Edinburgh last weekend for a bit of castle, a bit of drinking and a bit of theater. It was the last leg of my brother’s London to Edinburgh adventure which also included stops at Stonehenge, Manchester, and Liverpool. The absolute most disappointing thing about the entire adventure is that there is not a single picture of the three of us together. I’m not even.. Read More


So. Hi.  🙂 I’m here, I’m alive, I’m well, and I’ve been knitting/traveling/working like crazy. Not a lot of time left for blogging, but I’ll make you a deal. You forgive me for a month-long hiatus (which you probably have already done), and in return, I’ll post one new blog post every week day for two weeks–that’s 10 consecutive posts (that I was going to write anyway). Deal? Deal. Right.. Read More

Snapshots of things I did not take pictures of

Wednesday, 9:15pm, crying as I walk back to my flat from the Edinburgh train station. I was supposed to be on my way to Manchester, but I misunderstood the sign and got on the wrong train. I was only about 10 miles outside of Edinburgh when I realized it, but it was far enough that by the time I could get off the train and get on another one heading.. Read More

From (near) the couch to 5k

So, I’ve started doing this little running plan that I heard about from Seattle-area knitter, photog, chef and runner Rebecca. Basically, by the end of the 9th week, you should be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes.  Not terribly remarkable, except that it’s just a good solid amount of exercise if done a few times a week. There are two reasons why I’ve decided this is my exercise.. Read More