“She is piercingly intelligent, highly reliable, and her work benefits from her unique breadth of interests and experiences. This combination results in an invaluable business asset: If she doesn’t know something she can learn it quickly and immediately turn relevant information and patterns into powerful strategies and opportunities. Add to that Lindsay’s passionate heart and lively personality, and she is a tremendous asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.”

Rahul Gupta, President & Founder, Big Wheel Brigade


“I will always take the opportunity to work with Lindsay when I have it, and you should too.”

Andrew Hyde, Startup Week and Startup Weekend founder and serial entrepreneur


“Lindsay has provided digital strategy and research for several of my clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable about best practices in online marketing, branding and strategy, and my clients have benefited greatly from her advice and collaboration.”

Jon Hall, Owner, Sixty3


“Lindsay is in my roster of trusted partners because she’s proven that she has the kind of sharp, eager mind and diligent, thorough work ethic that’s a reliable boon to her clients – and as a result, mine.”

Lee Fuhr, Cozy Design Founder and Creative Director


“Lindsay is one of the most driven and capable people I know. She knows a lot about the industry, has fantastic instincts and is willing to go to bat for what she believes in. From clear communications to well executed deliverables, Lindsay gets it done.”

Rob Kaufman, Owner Notch8


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