You know your product. You know your audience. You’re just not sure about the most efficient way to introduce the two. Maybe you already have success with one audience, but you’re looking to grow. Maybe you are in the nascent stages of product development.

No matter where your business is today, I can help create a roadmap that will maximize your return on investment for your marketing efforts.


The Digital Strategy Roadmap is, at its core, a straightforward how-to document to guide you through best practices and effective strategies for using the internet to achieve your business goals. In this highly personalized document, you’ll see the application of my extensive experience and strategic insight to your unique business situation.


When you request your Roadmap, you will receive a thorough and readable three-part document:

Research: The first part of your roadmap will include an assessment of current strengths and opportunities, identification of your target online audience, and primary competitors.

Strategy: This is the strategic heart of the matter. Here, I’ll outline the strategies that will be most effective for finding your targets and converting them to customers.

Tactics: Knowing the strategic approach is important, but here I’ll provide a list of priorities and tactical advice for implementing my strategic recommendations.

With this document, you will have everything you need to start moving forward, confident that the direction you’re going is the right one.


Download an example Table of Contents (.pdf)